Start Racing ABA BMX

Getting started in BMX is easy and the ABA has put this page together in order to help:

The first things you need:

  • A bicycle - any BMX type and size will do, but it is recommended that you start with one that has no more than a 20" wheel diameter - as that is the allowable limit in the Novice class.

When calling your nearest ABA track, you`ll need to want to ask six questions:

  • How do I get to your track?
  • Do you have a Beginner Day or clinics available for new riders?
  • What time are your sign-up and practice times?
  • What time do you begin racing?
  • How much will it cost to begin racing?
  • How big are your first place trophies?

Once you have your bike, the location of the nearest ABA track, and when they run, there are two simple checklists to follow.

Your Bike:

  • Make sure all bolts are tight - especially your axle and stem bolts.
  • Remove any freestyle type axle pegs.
  • All reflectors/brackets must be removed for safety purposes.
  • If your bike has a kickstand, it must be taken off.
  • You will eventually need a numberplate. You will be provided a temporary numberplate with your membership purchase.

Clothing and safety equipment:

  • Long sleeve shirt.
  • Long pants or jeans.
  • A helmet. The ABA recommends a full-face helmet. Many ABA tracks have "loaner helmets" for beginners to use.
  • Any enclosed shoe is sufficient. Skateboard style shoes are suggested.

Now that you have everything ready, we`ll see you at the track!


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